Nanotechnology experts in the Motor Valley

Take nanotechnologies experts working in Tec Star, one of the first companies operating in the “nano” sector in Italy, and an experienced chemist with a great passion for motors. Shake everything with a bit of “Motor Valley”, the area where Tec Star was born and where motors find their ultimate expression and greatest performance. There you go, NANOMOTO®: a nanostructured formulation for engine oil and fuels, which circulated in private environments and on track at the beginning, and then expanded to the wider public.

engine oil additive

Additives improve lubricant performance

The oil additivation is an established practice for the improvement of the lubricants’ performance. Additives are usually organic and oil-soluble. Their function is to form the so-called “third body” to the interface between the mechanical parties in contact, when the system is in the “boundary lubrication” regime. However, organic additives are not always able to form the third body if the “boundary lubrication” regime endures and in case of increasingly demanding conditions of high pressures and low speed (which hence implies low quantity of lubricant and substantial increase in the interface temperature). This therefore leads to the lubricant break, thereby causing wear instances up to the seizure of the mechanical systems in contact.

Inorganic particles were first used in order to fix these problems, and were successively substitute by inorganic nanoparticles.

The market supplies a variety of particles; some of the most used ones are: PTFE, graphite and MoS2. Whilst on the one hand they are immediately beneficial, on the other they may cause problems on the long run; these might smooth the positive effects, also because of the level of criticality of their uniform dispersion in the lubricants and of the dimensions of the inorganic particles, in between the nanoscale and the microscale.


  • PTFE: the particles’ dimensions fall between 0.02-2 micron and must have good dispersion in order to avoid clots which might clog filters or pipes, especially if they are subject to high temperatures. Du Pont company, owner of the patent and trade mark rights of Teflon, does not recommend to use it in the engines.
  • Graphite and MoS2: they allow for a low coefficient of friction and wear, but they must be used not only with a good oil dispersion, but also in conjunction with detergent additives which prevent the formation of sludges. This represents the weak spot of these additives, because it results in the necessity to substitute the oil filter and the same oil quite often.

In addition to this, these additives modify in most cases the fluidity of the oil:  the perceived improvement of the engine performance might not be actually due to the beneficial effect of the additive, but only to a lower power absorbed by the engine from the oil pump, being the lubricant more fluid.

Considered the critical issues of the inorganic substances which are normally used, NANOMOTO® ADDITIVES do not contain PTFE, graphite and MoS2.

Nanomoto® products are not common additives

Our products are high-tech treatments. We only use highly stable nanocomposite and monodisperse oxides solutions, whose nanoparticles’ size falls within the range of tens nanometers. This decision was made because these dimensions shall ensure that the particles do not modify the oil and the fuels at the macroscopic scale (fluids that maintain thus their own colour, fluidity, transparency and density characteristics), but operate only at the tribological level in the interface between the surfaces in contact. The particles act like nanobearings, thus allowing the conversion of the sliding friction into rolling friction, even with infinitesimal clearances; this improves also the hardness of the surfaces in contact and avoids the direct contact between the unevenness and the protuberances caused by intrinsic roughness of the surfaces (also for the polished surfaces of the mechanical parts in contact).



We expanded the Nanomoto® range of products over the years by exploiting the nanotechnologies’ features; Nanomoto®’s list of products now includes, in addition to solutions for engine oil, also nanostructured additives for fuels and a high performance nanostructured cooling fluid. Our products are available in the store.

NANOMOTO®, feed your power!