diesel fuel additive
Cetaboost – Diesel fuel additive
July 13, 2017
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Cetaboost Racing 1L – Diesel fuel additive
July 13, 2017

Cetaboost Racing – Diesel fuel additive

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Cetaboost is a nanostructured diesel fuel additive capable of improving the combustion characteristics of the fuel in the engine of powerful and elaborated diesel vehicles.

It is a high-technology additive, which has been obtained by blending aliphatic hydrocarbons, vegetable oils, surfactants and nanomaterials which would optimise the performance of diesel engines.

Net volume: 250ml

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Technical Information

Main features:

  • Better performances: increased engine power and reduction of friction losses
  • Better consumption/covered distance ratio
  • Improved engine torque distribution.
  • Cleanliness of injectors and fuel feed system.
  • Reduction of mechanical engineering wear.
  • Engine more “ready” even at low revs.
  • Less or no exhaust smoke (K-value)
  • Sharp fall in the mechanical engineering wear.
  • Better cleanliness of mechanical engineering after combustion including EGR valve
  • Lower level of pollutant in DPF

Recommended dosage:

  • 100 ml per 50 liters of Diesel, to directly add within the tank.

Usage recommendations:

The best combination in order to increase the overall performances is to use Cetaboost Racing – diesel fuel additive together with OFR Racing, Nanomoto® additive for engine oil, and CF, nanostructured cooling fluid for radiators.

Additional information
Weight 0.250 kg
Classificazione reg. 1272/2008 CLP

Prodotto classificato: Asp. Tox 1
Avvertenza: Pericolo
H304: può essere mortale in caso di ingestione e di penetrazione nelle vie respiratorie
EUH066: l’esposizione ripetuta può provocare secchezza e screpolatura della pelle
P301+P310 in caso di ingestione contattare immediatamente un centro veleni o un medico
P331 non indurre il vomito

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