BoostENgreen for the industry.

BoostENgreen is the range of additives especially developed to protect the performance of engines undergoing nonstop workload over time: this makes BoostENGreen additives ideal for both the maintenance of heavy equipment (trucks, agricultural machinery, trains) and the industrial machines in general.

lubricant oil

BoostENGreen’s range of products consists of one additive for engine oil and two additives for fuel.


Tec Star Lab

We also carry out tribological tests in our state-of-the-art laboratories, while the competences regarding nanotechnologies enable us to offer consultancy and to develop ad hoc solutions in order to best meet the particular needs of our clients.

We are particularly specialised in exploiting the physico-chemical peculiarities of the nanostructured particles in order to increase the strength of materials and reduces friction, so as to make a concrete contribution to improving the efficiency of the traditional production processes.


BoostENGreen additives are available in our Store. If you need larger quantities or customised solutions, please contact us by phone or email. You can find our contacts in the “Contacts” page.