gas additive


Nanostructured additive for gasoline capable of improving the combustion characteristics of the fuel in the engines of powerful and elaborated gasoline vehicles.

It is a high-technology additive, which has been obtained by blending aliphatic hydrocarbons, vegetable oils, surfactants and nanomaterials which would optimise the performance of gasoline engines.

The nanostructuring of the fuel increases the total heat of combustion, thus accelerating the heat exchange process between the fuel and the air contained in the combustion chamber and increasing the power of the engine.

No compromise, with Octaboost Racing.

Gasoline additive for sporty vehicles

Octaboost Racing is our flagship product for gasoline: a state-of-the-art additive, formulated from the best components available and optimised for the racing use. When regularly added to the fuel, it drastically reduces friction and wear and it maintains the engine clean and efficient. The cutting-edge nanostructured formulation guarantees greater efficiency and combustion stability while enhancing the performance, reducing the operational temperatures, reducing consumption, smoke and harmful emissions. It is particularly recommended for powerful or elaborated gasoline race vehicles, both rally and off-road, such as cars, motorbikes, quads, snowmobiles and racing boats.

octane booster

Main features

Increased performances

Increases the performance of internal combustion engines by reducing friction losses

Wear reduction

Reduction of mechanical engineering wear

Reduction of operating temperatures

Prevents engine overheating

Fuel economy

Better consumption/covered distance ratio

Reduces harmful emissions

Reduction of the pollutants in the exhaust gases, as a consequence of a better combustion

feed your power!

Recommended dosage

  • 100 ml per 50 liters of gasoline, to directly add within the tank.

Usage recommendations

The best combination in order to increase the overall performances is to use Octaboost Racing – gas additive together with OFR Racing, Nanomoto® additive for engine oil, and CF, nanostructured cooling fluid for radiators.