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Nanomoto® additives have been formulated with the aim of making the best possible use of nanotechnologies’ features. Our additives contain highly stable nanocomposite and monodisperse solutions, whose nanoparticles’ size falls within the range of tens nanometers. The addition of OFR into the lubricant and of OCTABOOST and CETABOOST into the fuel doesn’t change the macroscopic structure, but it allows the development of a nanostructure with nanobearings which works on the area where the surfaces have a direct contact.

All of our products contain microparticles, PTFE, graphite and MoS2. Nanomoto® additives are made of oxide nanoparticles which makes them unique compared to the competitors which are currently on the market. As experts of nanotechnologies, we still operate according to our original purpose of producing high performance additives while using nothing but the best of the nanotech industry supply. We directly produce and select the nanoparticles that we use in our products and we continuously intervene on the formulations; we adjust and optimise them on the basis of our scientific knowledge and by implementing the regular updating provided by the scientific community in the nanotech industry.

All of our products are made of nanoparticles. The different range of products was improved taking into account the RPM, displacement, distance covered and the cost/benefit balance which are typical for each of the various dedicated categories.

Nanomoto® Racing is our flagship product: a state-of-the-art product which has been developed to offer the maximum performance without compromise. It can surely be used on road vehicles, however this kind of vehicles might not be able to fully exploit its potential.

Octaboost and Cetaboost are not customary cleaners or some kind of additives which merely increase the octane and cetane number; they are high-tech nanocomposite solutions. The nanostructuring of the fuel increases the total heat of the combustion, thus accelerating the heat exchange process between the fuel and the air contained in the combustion chamber and finally increasing the power of the engine.

The nanostructuring of the lubricant reduces the direct contact between the surfaces and increases the chemical and mechanical resistance of the oil. It is an actual treatment that implicates a sharp fall in friction and wear, an increase in performance, a decrease in consumption and harmful emissions.

CF Cooling Fluid is a high-performance nanostructured coolant, designed to solve the issues linked to the ethylene glycole, commonly used in the cooling circuits, and to provide better control of the temperatures in elaborate engines. The main drawback of the ethylene glycole is the fact that the contact with the air, or the impurity of the water used for its dilution, may cause the development of acids inside the cooling system; the stagnation of these acids might lead to corrosion and oxidation, thus reducing the heat exchange characteristics of the system.

An alternative to ethylene glycole is glycerol, which has already been used for this kind of applications in the past; unlike ethylene glycole, glycerol is non-toxic, ecological and neutral on the corrosion scale and it derives from the renewable fuels industry. Therefore, CF Cooling Fluid is built from a more environmentally friendly base and is then converted into a nanofluid with better thermal properties thanks to the use of nano-particles.

The nanostructuring of the liquid increases the thermal capacity and the heat exchange coefficient.

In fact, the nanoparticles make the liquid more effective as far as the heat transfer is concerned, which leads to improved engine performance which in turn reduces the fuel consumption.

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