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OFR is a high-performance nanostructured additive for engine oil and gear box oil designed to improve its tribological characteristics in mechanical couplings and thermal vehicle features. It is an additive obtained by blending vegetable oils, surfactants and nanomaterials, able to reduce the friction between mechanical parts. It boosts any mineral, synthetic and vegetable oils performances.

It is recommended for powerful and elaborated vehicles for track and off-road.

No compromise, with OFR Racing.

Engine and gear box oil additive for sporty vehicles

OFR Racing is an oil additive with high level of technology, which has been formulated and optimised for road vehicles. We recommend to use it each time you change the engine and the gear box oil in order to protect the engine from wear and enhance performance. The nanostructuring of the lubricant reduces indeed the direct contact between surfaces and increases the chemical and mechanical resistance of the oil. All this translates into a greater efficiency of the lubricant resulting in a better performance, a reduction of consumption and increase in the duration of the oil.

It is particularly recommended for powerful or elaborated gasoline race vehicles, both rally and off-road, such as cars, motorbikes, quads, snowmobiles and racing boats.

gear oil

Main features

Reduction of mechanical wears

Reduction of moving parts friction

Friction reduction

Reduction of moving parts friction and of working temperatures.

Turbo-charger protection

Helps protect turbochargers and avoid engine power loss

Fuel economy

Better consumption/covered distance ratio

Increased lubricating capacity

The nanostructured solution increases the efficiency of the lubricant and treats the surfaces of the engine

Increased performance

Increase in internal combustion engines performance by reducing friction losses

No oil refills

Increases the oil life and eliminates oil refills

Oil-immersed clutch

OFR Racing can be used in oil-immersed clutch
olio motore

feed your power!

Recommended dosage

  • Motorcycles: 20 ml for 1 kg of oil.
  • All Motor vehicles: 30 ml for 1 kg of oil.
  • Mechanical moving parts: 20 ml for 1 kg of oil.

Usage recommendations

The best combination in order to increase the overall performances is to use OFR Racing – engine oil additive and gear oil additive together with Cetaboost Racing Octaboost Racing, Nanomoto® additives for fuels, and CF, nanostructured cooling fluid for radiators.